25 Crazy Facts about Climate Change

Believe it or not, climate change is real. We are here today with some crazy facts about climate change. There are a plethora of indications that the climate of our world is changing rapidly. And unfortunately, this is not good for us at all.

If you are still confused or curious about climate change. Then this is the post for you. In this post, you will find 25 facts about climate change with some brief yet detailed description. We hope these will help you to be more responsible towards the environment and the world as a whole.

So, let’s proceed…

25 Crazy Facts about Climate Change

#1 Rise of Venomous Sea Creatures

crazy facts about climate change

There are various kinds of venomous creatures that dwell in the oceans all around the planet. Among them, the well-known deadly creatures are box jellyfish, pufferfish, lionfish, blue-ringed octopus, etc.

Researchers have found out that some of these venomous creatures are rising in numbers. And, the number 1 reason behind this is the rise of temperature in the oceans.

#2 Sea Levels Rising:

crazy facts about climate change

Sea levels started to rise from 1900 to 1950. And, the rate accelerated in recent years compared to those times. One report from 2007 stated that the sea level will rise by 7 to 23 inches by the end of this century.

Another report claims that the sea level will rise up to 19 inches by 2050. Interestingly, sea levels have already risen by 7 inches in the last hundred years. Unfortunately, this is higher than the previous 2 thousand years combined.

#3 The Last 20 Years:

Climate will change all the time. It is the nature of this planet. However, compared to the last 400 years, the last 2 decades were the hottest of them all. And, you can see that it is not natural at all. It is a great indication of global warming and the bad sides of climate change.

#4 The Arctic:

Reports say that the Arctic region will be affected the most by the impact of climate change and global warming. Matter of fact, the effects of climate change are already appearing in that region. The arctic ice is melting at a greater speed than ever. And, the estimation says that the arctic region will have an entirely ice-free summer by 2050.

#5 Impact on the Countries in the Arctic

crazy facts about climate change

The Arctic region is like a refrigerator for our planet. Because it emits more heat from the earth than it absorbs from the outer space. As a result, it is very important for the whole world. However, as you have already known that it is now the most vulnerable region to be affected by climate change.

The areas like Western Canada, Alaska, and some parts of Russia are becoming hotter than ever. In fact, it has been reported the average temperature of those areas has risen by 2 times than the global average.

#6 Since 1880:

This is 2020. And, since 1880 all the previous 19 years of this 21st century have ranked among the 19 hottest years. This is a clear indication of nothing but global warming.

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#7 Racing to Extinctions:

crazy facts about climate change

Climate change doesn’t only affect human beings. It is also deadly for other animals and species all around the globe. Researches show that about 1 million species of animals and plants are on the verge of extinction due to the impact of climate change. And, the rate of extinction is increasing day by day.

#8 Impact of War on the Climate:

There are numerous reasons for climate change. But among them, there is one that is not talked about more often. And that is war.

Believe it or not, war has a great impact on climate change. All the bombs, rockets, explosions, noise, etc. does impact our planet badly. So, war is not only bad for any particular country but for the entire world.

#9 Release of CO2:

crazy facts about climate change

CO2 or Carbon dioxide is essential in many cases. However, if the level of Carbon dioxide rises in the atmosphere it can be pretty harmful to the world.

And, reports are seeing that we human beings are releasing about 37-40 billion metric tons of CO2 every year in the atmosphere. This is actually a pretty scary amount of Carbon dioxide.

#10 The Highest Contributor to Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gasses are those gasses that can absorb the heat energy emitted from earth and then return it back to the Earth. The most significant ones are Carbon dioxide, Nitrous oxide, CFC (Chlorofluorocarbons), Methane and more. These gases are primarily known for the Greenhouse effect.

Now, China is the number 1 country for emitting the highest amount of greenhouse gases in the world. In fact, they are emitting about 27.51% of the greenhouse gases in the whole world. In the second place, we have the USA. And, they are responsible for emitting about 14.75% of the total amount.

#11 The Warmest Year Recorded

The average world temperature is increasing day by day. And, the year 2016 was the hottest year ever recorded in history till now. Also, the year 2019 is the 2nd warmest year recorded in history. And, this is due to the impact of global warming.

#12 Price Hike Due to Climate Change:

crazy facts about climate change

Due to climate change, we are getting less and less crop yield per year. And, the impact of climate change and global warming will make it hard to produce foods and crops in the future.

As a result, the prices of foods will start to increase by up to 60% in the next 30 years or so. Interestingly, we can actually see that the price of food has already increased by a lot compared to the previous years.

#13 Rise of Pests and Insects:

crazy facts about climate change

Added to the low production of crops, global warming will also impact the rise of the number of pest populations. On top of this, there are reports that show that the appetite of those pests will also increase due to climate change. It is reported that with the rise of a single degree in temperature, the population of insect pests could increase up to 10-25%.

#14 Carbon Reduction Pledge

Back in 2010, about 141 countries of the world have signed the ‘Carbon Reduction Pledge’. The goal of that treaty was to reduce the amount of carbon emission to the atmosphere by 2020.

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But even after 10 years from that day, we are yet to see any significant improvements in our environment. Rather, the emission of Carbon in the atmosphere is actually increasing.

#15 Spreading of Diseases

crazy facts about climate change

Climate change is also responsible for spreading diseases worldwide. Among them, the most dangerous disease would be water-borne and mosquito-borne diseases. Researches show that these diseases are prevalent in the areas that have been through extreme drought and flooding.

#16 Indicator of Climate Change:

There are a lot of signs and indications of climate change around us. However, still, a lot of us don’t believe in climate change. For your convenience, here are some of the indications of climate change.

  • Sea levels are on the rise
  • The average temperature is rising
  • Rainfall, snow, and other seasonal phenomenon are shifting
  • Temperatures are reaching a record high
  • Glaciers are melting
  • Drought and extreme flooding
  • Heavy rainstorm

#17 Impact of Rising Sea Level

The effect of rising sea levels even by an inch or two can be devastating for the people and animals in the coastal regions. For instance, it can introduce flooding, solid erosion, soil contamination, loss of habitat for birds, fish, plants, and other animals.

Matter of fact, about 13 million people in the USA alone are at risk of losing their habitats by the end of this century because of sea-level rise.

#18 Heat-Related Deaths in Future

Due to global warming, heat-related deaths will be more prevalent than ever. Studies show that hundred and thousands of people will die even if the temperature of the planet rises by about 3 degrees Celsius.

#19 Average Global Temperature:

crazy facts about climate change

The global average temperature is calculated by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and NASA. At the moment, the current global average temperature is about 14-degrees Celsius.

Due to climate change, it is estimated that the average temperature of the world might increase by another 5-6 degrees within this century.

#20 Impact of Deforestation:

Here is another important fact about climate change. Deforestation is one of the topmost reasons for climate change. One of the ways, plants help us by absorbing Carbon dioxide that we emit on the atmosphere.

And in that way, they save us from the impact of global warming and overall climate change. But due to deforestation all over the world, an additional 15% Carbon is being released in the atmosphere.

#21 Coral Bleaching:

crazy facts about climate change

There are many reasons for coral bleaching. However, one of the most known ones is the warm water temperature. Due to the rise of global temperature, the ocean is also getting warmer. As a result, the coral reefs are being affected by it.

When coral gets overheat, they expel the algae from their body. But that algae are so much important to the coral. Matter of fact, it provides about 90 percent of the energy to the coral. So, when severing coral bleaching occurs, some corals might die.

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Due to bleaching, about 30% of coral reefs have reached the mortality level. And more than 75% of the world’s coral reefs have experienced bleaching between 2014 to 2019.

#22 Impact on Animals:

First, the animals living in the poles and arctic regions will be affected the most by climate change. For instance, it is estimated that the polar bears might get fully extinct in the next 30 to 40 years. Also, the average number of polar bears have decreased by 60% in the last 40 years.

And, there will be more extinctions in the near future. For instance, 67% of the endangered species and 99% of the critically endangered species would go extinct in this century. And, it would take our world about 3 million years to recover from this mass extinction.

#23 People Living in the Coastal Areas

You already know a lot about the impact of the rising sea level. Here is another fact about climate change-related sea-level rising phenomena for you. At the moment, over 200 million people live in coastal areas.

Unfortunately, about 100 million people who are living in the coastal areas around the world will be affected even if the sea level rises by 1 or 2 inches.

#24 Change in Deserts, Seas, Poles, and Forests

Climate change doesn’t only make the world warm. It also has other various effects. For instance, studies show that the Sahara desert is getting bigger. And the world’s largest desert is advancing south to Sudan and chad. In its way, it is turning greeneries dry and farming soil into barren ground.

Also, the ice is melting in the poles. The sea level is rising at the same time, the temperature in the ocean is also rising. Due to global warming, forests are being affected as well. The warmer temperature is making the wood dry and it is also responsible for drought around the world. Hot air and warm temperature in forests can also increase the risk of wildfire.

#25 We Still Can Save Ourselves:

crazy facts about climate change

So, until now, we have only said about the impact of climate change. However, this time we will tell you what you can do to help prevent climate change and save the world. First off, you can turn to renewable energy. For instance, you can start to use solar energy wherever possible. Next, you can use energy and water-efficient appliances.

Recycling is another important thing you can try to prevent producing more waste. You can try to use environment-friendly transportation if possible. Last but not least, plant trees as many as you can. Finally, inspire others to take care of the planet as you do.

Last Words – Facts about Climate Change

Yes, scientists, astronomer, researchers and so on are looking for an alternative planet to live on. Elon Musk is trying to conquer Mars. However, until now, we have not found any other perfect alternative to our planet in this Universe. So, if we want to live here peacefully and keep this habitable for the next generations, we need to take care of our only home—The Earth. Remember, there is only one Earth.

Have you enjoyed the post? If you have then don’t forget to share it with others. You can tell your thoughts about climate change in the comment section down below!

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