25 Facts about Spring That Reminds You of Epic Weather

Spring is the season that arrives before summer and after winter. This is one of the most celebrated seasons of them all. We have gathered several facts about spring in this post to shed some light on this mystical topic.

So, this post might come in handy, if you happen to be curious about this enchanting season.

In springtime, the temperature starts to rise, the flowers start to bloom, the leaves start to grow, and the animals start to come out of there winter shelters.

With all these new occurrences in nature, spring has become a subject of celebration, joy, and ecstasy in various cultures and countries across the world.

So, let’s learn more with these cool facts about Spring in the following section.

25 Spring Facts you should know

#1 Spring in Japan

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Cherry blossom is a widely popular flower in Japanese culture. The Japanese people believe that the spring comes when the cherry blossom starts to bloom.

They also have a special yearly festival to enjoy various flowers including the cherry blossom called ‘Hanami’ or ‘Flower Viewing’. This festival kicks off with the arrival of spring while the cherry blossom starts to bloom in Japan.

#2 Spring in Poland

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In Poland, the arrival of spring is celebrated by burning an effigy on the 1st day of the spring every year. After burning the effigy, they throw that in the river to bid farewell to winter.

#3 Spring in Old English

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Nowadays, when we say ‘Spring’, we know that we are talking about a season. However, this word was not available in English before the 14th Century. Earlier, people would use the word ‘Lent’ to refer to the spring season.

However, over the course of a couple of centuries, people started to use the word ‘Springtime’ to refer to the season. Because in this time of the year all the plants start to spring from Earth. And, right now, we use the word ‘Spring’ as a shortened version of ‘Springtime’. Matter of fact, lots of people still use the word ‘Springtime’ in many places around the world.

#4 Spring in Latin Word

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You might have heard that the 1st day of spring is also known as ‘The Vernal Equinox’. But what does this phrase mean, actually? Here’s the explanation for you. Both the word ‘Vernal’ and ‘Equinox’ are Latin words. And, the word ‘Vernal’ means ‘Spring’ in English whereas the word ‘Equinox’ means ‘Equal Night’.

#5 Impact of Spring on Wildlife

The spring season has a powerful influence on wildlife. For example, most of the herbivorous animals tend to have babies in early spring. That means the newcomers will have the best chance to grow faster, larger, and stronger in the spring. As most of the animals have a hard time surviving in the winter.

#6 Spring in Ireland

Primarily, seasons are not defined officially in Ireland. However, most Irish people welcome spring on the 1st of February every year. They also celebrate the ‘St. Brigid’s Day’ on the same day.

During springtime, animals and plants come out of there hibernation after the long winter. On the other hand, some Irish also believes that spring arrives on the first day of March.

#7 Spring in China

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Spring is the first season in China. As a result, Chinese people welcome spring with the celebration of the Chinese New Year. It is also known as the ‘Chinese lunar new year’ as the festivities begin on the 1st day of the 1st lunar month of the year. This is the most important holiday in China.

#8 Spring in Southern & Northern Hemisphere

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Due to the rotation of Earth, if it is ‘Autumn’ in the Northern Hemisphere, then it will be ‘Spring’ in the Southern hemisphere. Typically, spring will last from 19-21st March to 21st June in the Northern hemisphere. And, it will usually last from August to November in the Southern Hemisphere.

#9 Spring in the Colorado Rocky Mountain

There have been extensive researches about the arrival of Spring in different parts of the world. In particular, researches show that in the Rocky Mountains region in Colorado, spring comes about 3 weeks earlier than it would come in the 1970s.

#10 The Reason Behind Spring or Any Seasons

Our Earth is a bit tilted (about 23.5 digress) on its axis. And, this is the reason why we get to see the seasons on Earth. For instance, if it is summer in your area, that means, the part of the Earth where you are located is a bit leaned towards the sun.

On the flip side, during winter, the part of the Earth where you are located would be leaned away from the Sun. Simply put, there are mainly 2 reasons why we have seasons like the Spring, Winter, or Summer. And, those are Earth’s Tilt and Earth’s revolution around the Sun.

#11 Spring in Ecuador

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Ecuador is known for its all year sunny and warm weather. Matter of fact, people claim that there is a city in Ecuador named ‘Loja’ that is located in the Sothern part of the country has spring-like weather throughout the entire year.

#12 Spring in Warmer Climate

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Usually, in most locations, Sunrises very early in the morning during summer. Also, the Sun sets very late in the evening as well in spring. Interestingly, most countries with a warmer climate will get hit by tornadoes and hurricanes in the late spring. All in all, springtime in warmer countries would be usually very windy.

#13 Baby Birds in Spring

Understandably so, baby birds learn to sing from their parents. Normally, most of the baby birds are able to chirp the moment they are born.

However, it is known that some of the baby birds don’t learn to sing until they hear their parents sing for the first time. And it is the spring seasons when they hear their parents sing and from there onwards, baby birds start to sing.

#14 Growth of Children in the Spring

Spring is a great season for the kids. Because many reports suggest that children are prone to grow faster in spring compared to any other season.

#15 Why Birds Sing more in the Spring

We have just told you that baby birds learn to sing in the Spring. Because their parents also sing in this season the most. But why is that? Interestingly, birds sing all year long. However, during winter, they reside in their shelters and don’t come out frequently.

But with the arrival of spring, they start to come out of their home. And in this time of the year, birds try to look for mates. In the process, they sing to attract their mates. Also, in other cases, most male birds sing to mark their territory. That is why we hear birds singing the most during spring.

#16 Impact of Spring in Buying/Selling a House

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Multiple reports suggest that spring is the most popular season of them all for buying or selling a house. Why, though? There are a couple of theories here. First, people don’t like to move during winter as the environment is colder.

Also, in those times, kids are in school in most places. As a result, spring has become the most favorite season when it comes to moving in or out. But that is another reason for the price of properties to be higher in the spring due to the high demand.

#17 Spring in Greek & Roman Mythology

Spring is very vital in various myths and cultures. For instance, ‘Persephone’ is the Goddess of Spring, fertility, and plants in Greek Mythology.

It is told that during the winter she goes to the underworld. But she rises from the underworld and comes to Earth during spring. And according to Roman Mythology, Flora is the Goddess of spring and fertility.

#18 Spring Fever

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‘Spring Fever’ is a widespread phrase all over the world. Interestingly, this phrase refers to both physiological and psychological symptoms linked to the arrival of the spring season.

The most common symptoms of ‘Spring Fever’ are daydreaming, restlessness, appetite loss, and increased heart rate, etc. So, if you are having any of these symptoms in the spring, you are suffering from ‘Spring Fever’.

#19 Babies that Born in Spring

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According to some reports, babies that are born in spring tend to be more optimistic and creative. Also, some reports claim that most babies born in the spring will be night owls.

On the other hand, it is also reported that people born during spring are more likely to suffer from heart issues like congestive heart failure and atrial fibrillation.

#20 Spring in the North Pole

Primarily, the North Pole only has 2 seasons that are Summer and Winter. The winter season starts from around October and it lasts until March. And, the rest of the time, it is summertime in the North Pole.

During that period, the Sun is always shinning at the North Pole. And, it is seen that the Sun starts to rise above the North Pole from 21st March on the Spring Equinox.

#21 Spring in the South Pole

The South Pole experiences almost the opposite of the North Pole during the springtime. During this time, the Sun starts to set gradually. And, from the moment of the Spring Equinox, the Sun will set for about 6 months in the South Pole. Whereas, in the North Pole, the Sun will never set over the period of this 6 months.

#22 Spring in Literature

The season ‘Spring’ has been a huge influence in literature and literary works of many artists, writers, poets, and so on. It is usually seen as a symbol of joy, love, spirituality, the beginning of a new life, hope, growth, etc.

#23 Spring in Various Culture

Spring has also become a primary topic for different occasions and festivities in various cultures around the world. Every country in the world has its own way of celebrating and welcoming the spring season.

For example, Nowruz means ‘The New Day’ is a special festival in Iran to welcome spring. In India, they celebrate ‘Holi’. The Spanish people celebrate ‘Las Fallas’ which is a 5-day festival.

#24 Common Spring Flowers

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Spring is known as the season of flowers. This is the time of the year when most flowers start to bloom. Among them, the most notable and popular spring flowers are Daffodil, Crocus, Tulip, Hyacinth, cherry blossom, Bluebell, Pansy, Lilac, and more.

#25 Unstable Weather in Spring

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Spring is known for its unpredictable weather conditions. Winter is cold and the summertime is hot. However, spring tends to have a fair share of both hot and cold temperatures.

Because of this unstable temperature fluctuation, the weather also becomes erratic from time to time in the spring. This is the time, you will see most of the natural hazards like tornadoes, lightning, thunderstorms, and flooding, etc.

Closing Thoughts

Among all the seasons, spring is one of the most favorite ones all around the world. Flowers start to bloom, birds begin to sing, and the sunny sky brings a magical comfort to our body and soul. It is known as the season of beginning, hope, and love.

We have tried to share some cool facts about spring on this post. We hope you have found these facts mesmerizing. If you have liked the post, you can share it with others. And, don’t forget to read the post on some unbelievable facts about eclipses.

So, do you love Spring? What is the most favorite season of yours? You can tell all about it in the comments below!

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