25 Kindle eReader Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Reading Experience

Enjoying reading books on your Kindle eReader? Then these 25 Kindle eReader tips and tricks will supercharge your Kindle experience to a greater level. Arguably, Amazon Kindle E-readers are the best ebook readers you can have right now.

And, if you already own one, you know how convenient and helpful this piece of gadget is. But, there are a few secret features of Kindle E-readers that can make using your Kindle more fun and enjoyable. And, we have rounded them up in this post for you.S

25 Kindle eReader Tips and Tricks

#1 Set Passcode on Your Kindle eReader

kindle ereader tips and tricks

Setting up a password on your Kindle reader is easy. And, here’s the step by step guide for you.

  • Tap on the ‘Menu’ button from the home screen
  • Next, tap on the ‘Settings’ button to navigate to the settings menu
  • You will find an option named ‘Device Password’ here. Depending on your Kindle model, you might have to tap on the ‘Next Page’ button to find this option
  • Now, tap on the ‘On’ button next to the ‘Device Password’ option and a password dialog box will appear
  • So, type your new password in the box and retype the new password again in the 2ndt step and save it
  • That’s it. Your kindle is now password protected

#2 Highlight Text on a Kindle E-reader

If you have read something worthy to remember, you can actually highlight the text on your Kindle eBook reader. Here’s how.

  • To highlight a single word, simply press and hold the word. And an overlay menu will appear above or below the text. Just, tap on the ‘Highlight’ option from there and it will be highlighted
  • To highlight a phrase, sentence, or paragraph; touch and hold at the beginning of the sentence and drag the finger until the end of the sentence. Then tap on the ‘Highlight’ button from the overlay menu

#3 How to Take Screenshot in Kindle eReaders?

kindle ereader tips and tricks

Yes, you have heard it right. You can actually take screenshots in Kindle. And, the process is a bit different from one Kindle model to another. Here are the steps to follow.

  • For Kindle 4: This Kindle model does not have a keyboard or a touchscreen. So, you have to press and hold the ‘Home’ button and the ‘Keyboard’ button simultaneously to take a screenshot
  • Kindle (Original), Kindle DX, Kindle 2, Kindle Keyboard: For these models, you have to press and hold the ‘Alt+Shift-G’ simultaneously to take screenshots
  • Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle 2014, and Kindle Voyage: This is a bit different. You have to tap two opposite corners of the screen at the same time to take a screenshot on these devices. For instance, tap the upper left and the lower right corner of the screen simultaneously
  • Kindle Touch: To take the screenshot, you have to press and hold the home button first, and then tap on the screen to finalize the screenshot

#4 Take Advantage of the Page Refresh Feature

Every eReader uses E-ink technology to show the content on the screen. Now, one of the top benefits of using an eReader is the week-long battery backup. You can increase the battery life more by disabling the page refresh feature. However, you might have also seen an issue called ‘ghosting’ on your Kindle eReader.

From time to time, the e-ink display tends to keep the residue of the last pages in the next one. And, it messes up the screen. To clear the screen, you can turn on the page refresh option. With this turned on, Kindle will refresh its screen with every page turn. So, here’s how to turn on or off the page refresh option in Kindle.

  • Navigate to the ‘Reading Options’ in the main ‘Settings’
  • From there, turn on or off the ‘Page Refresh’ option by tapping the settings

#5 Force Restart Your Kindle E-reader

Many intermittent issues of the Kindle eReader can be solved using a force restart. And, here is the step by step instructions to do that.

  • Depending on your Kindle model, slide and hold, or press and hold the power button for at least 40 seconds continuously
  • In doing so, the screen will go blank or a power dialog box will appear after the 40 seconds
  • After a few more settings, the Kindle will restart automatically

#6 Save Battery on Your Kindle E-reader

With the E-ink display, Kindle can go for more than a week with a full charge. However, if you want to extend the battery life, there are some ways. And, you can easily try those out as they are as simple as turning on or off settings or two.

  • First, you can turn off the ‘Page Refresh’ option. We have already shared the steps to follow above to turn off ‘Page Refresh’
  • You can also minimize the brightness when possible
  • Turning off the display light can also extend battery life
  • Turn on the ‘Airplane’ mode. To do that, navigate to Menu>Settings>Airplane Mode, and turn that on. If you want to connect to a Wi-Fi network, you will have to turn off the Airplane mode, though

#7 You Can Read ePub Format eBooks on Kindle eReader

kindle ereader tips and tricks

the ePub format is a very popular eBook format. However, no Kindle eReader supports this format. So, you will have to convert the ePub eBook to the MOBI format before you can read it with your Kindle eReader. Here’s how to do that…

  • Install the Calibre software on your PC if you haven’t already
  • Now, launch the application on your PC and click on  ‘Add Books’ button from the top bar
  • Next, find the eBook you want to convert and add it
  • At this point, you have to click on the ‘Convert Books’ button from the top bar
  • A new window will appear, select the ‘MOBI’ format as the output format
  • Finally, click on the ‘OK’ button and the conversion process will begin

#8 Transfer Files (eBooks and Other Contents) to Kindle

You might know that you have to connect to the cloud to transfer any files to your eBooks. But, there is another way to do that. And, the best thing about that process is that it works offline.

You just have to connect the Kindle to your PC using the USB cable. And it will appear on your PC as a separate drive. And, you can copy any files from the PC to your Kindle this way.

#9 Play Games on Kindle eReader

Yes, Kindle is an eReader. However, you can still play some basic games on some particular models of Kindle E-reader. Some of the most notable games you can play are:

  • Brain Trainer
  • Sudoku Works
  • Word Search
  • Math Blender
  • Every Word Crossing

These games are known as active content. And, you can download them from the Amazon Kindle Store.

#10 Permanently Delete eBooks from Your Kindle E-reader

When you are deleting a book from your Kindle, it doesn’t actually get deleted from your account permanently. It will be still on the cloud. So, to permanently delete the book from your cloud library, you should follow the instructions down below.

  • Log in to your Amazon Kindle account and navigate to the ‘Manage Your Content and Devices’ page
  • Now, all of the books will be listed under the ‘Your Content’ section
  • Select the books you want to delete by check-marking next to the names of the book
  • Then click on the ‘Delete’ button from the top
  • And, finally, click on the ‘Yes, delete permanently’ option

#11 Change the Brightness of the screen Fast

If you want to increase the brightness of the Kindle to the highest fast, you can press and hold the ‘Sun’ button at the right-hand side of the screen. It will take the brightness to the highest. Conversely, you can press and hold the tiny ‘Sun’ icon at the left edge of the screen to dim the screen to the lowest point.

#12 Add Notes on Your Kindle E-reader

kindle ereader tips and tricks

Another pretty easy yet super useful feature of Kindle is the ‘Notes’ feature. And, here’s how to take notes on Kindle eReader.

  • Select the text about which you want to take notes by pressing and holding over the texts
  • Next, tap on the ‘Add Note’ button and a popup will appear
  • You can type the notes on the popup window and tap the ‘Save’ option

#13 Loan Your Kindle eBooks to others

Yes, there are a lot of books in the Kindle Store, you can lend to your friends and family. Here’s how…

  • Head over to the Kindle Store and find the eBook you want to loan
  • Now, click on the ‘Actions’ button and then click on the ‘Loan this title’ option
  • Next, you will have to add the personal email address of the recipient. Optionally, you can also add a message there and click on the ‘Send’ button
  • Then, click on the ‘Send Now’ button option

Remember, these loaned books will be available for 14 days to the recipient. And, if the loaned book was not accepted by the recipient, it will return to your library after 7 days.

#14 Read Articles and Documents with Kindle E-reader

The main function of a Kindle eReader is to let you read eBooks. But with your Kindle eBook reader, you can actually read articles, documents, and contents from the web.

The best way to do that is to use special apps called ‘Send to Kindle’. There are many ‘Send to Kindles’ apps and extensions available depending on the operating system of yours. You can download them from the official page of Amazon.

#15 Use the Inverted Mode in Kindle E-readers

kindle ereader tips and tricks

Steps to Follow:

  • Tap on the ‘3 vertical dots’/‘More’ option from the upper right corner of the screen
  • Now, tap on the ‘Settings’ option from there
  • And, navigate to the ‘Accessibility’ option from there
  • Now, turn the ‘Invert Black and White’ option to On
  • That way the background will be black and the texts will be white

#16 How To Reset Kindle E-reader Passcode

We have already shown you how to set a passcode on your Kindle eReader. Now, if you have accidentally forgotten the passcode, you can easily reset it. However, remember that after resetting your password, the Kindle eReader will go back to the factory settings. That means all the downloaded contents and your account information will be wiped out from the Kindle.

To reset the password, simply, enter this: 111222777 on the password box. And, hit OK, then it will start to reset your Kindle E-reader. However, if you have an older Kindle, then the password should be ‘resetmykindle’ (without the quotation marks). So, if the first password doesn’t work for your Kindle, you can try the next one.

#17 Listen to Audiobooks with Kindle E-readers

If your Kindle eReader comes with Bluetooth connectivity, then you can connect any Bluetooth headphones to your Kindle to listen to audiobooks. You can download or even manually transfer audiobooks to your Kindle eReader. Similarly, you can listen to any audiobooks you have bought from the Audible Store.

#18 Use the Kindle Built-in Dictionary

Every Kindle eReader comes with a built-in dictionary. Additionally, you can download dictionaries of many other languages as well. To use the dictionary, simply tap and hold on the word you want to learn more about for a few seconds and release the finger. In doing so, a dictionary window will pop up with the definition, synonym, and some related information of the word. Just tap on any other part of the screen to close the window.

#19 Read Pocket Articles on Kindle eReader

kindle ereader tips and tricks

Pocket is a popular app for saving and reading articles on your smart devices and computer anytime. Interestingly, you can read ‘Pocket’ articles on your Kindle eReader as well. For that, you can use some 3rd party apps to send ‘Pocket’ articles to your Kindle E-reader. Here is a list…

You can find further instructions on the official pages of the apps we have mentioned above.

#20 Transfer Kindle Highlights to Computer

There are 2 ways you can use to transfer the highlighted texts on your PC from your Kindle eBook reader. Let’s see how these methods work…

Method 1-Copy from Kindle to PC:

  • Connect your Kindle eReader to your PC using the USB cable
  • Go to the Kindle directory on your PC. And, find a folder named ‘My Clippings.txt’
  • This folder contains all the texts you have highlighted on your Kindle. You can copy and transfer it to your PC now

Method 2-Online Option:

  • If you have highlighted some texts on any of the eBooks that you bought from the Amazon store, you can use this method
  • Go to the‘Your Highlights’ page from your browser and sign in with the required credentials. You will find all the highlights there

#21 How to Read in Landscape Mode in Kindle E-reader

Yes, you can read books on your Kindle eReaders in landscape mode. And, this process varies depending on the firmware version of your eReader. We will share all the methods here. So, let’s go…

For Firmware Version 5.7.3 and Earlier Versions:

  • While you are reading a book in your Kindle, bring the menu bar from the top by tapping on the top of the screen
  • And, tap on ‘Landscape Mode’ option from the menu

For Firmware Version 5.10.2 and Later Versions:

  • While you are reading a book in your Kindle, tap on the top of the screen to bring out the ‘Page Display (Aa)’ menu
  • Now, navigate to ‘Page Display>Font & Page Settings’ and a new popup window will appear
  • Go to the ‘Page’ tab from that window and select the ‘Landscape’ icon from under the ‘Orientation’ option
  • It will rotate the book to landscape mode instantly

#22 Get Free eBooks from Local Library Using Overdrive

kindle ereader tips and tricks

If you have a subscription to your local library, you can actually borrow eBooks from your library to read on your Kindle eReader. Of course, this feature is location dependent. However, if your local library offers this feature, you can use the Libby App or Libby webpage from Overdrive to borrow, read, and listen to eBooks and audiobooks.

#23 Get Custom Font on Your Kindle E-reader

Steps to Follow:

  • Download any of your favorite fonts on your PC in either TrueType (TTF) or OTF (OpenType) format
  • Now, connect your Kindle to your PC via USB cable and copy the newly downloaded fonts to the ‘fonts’ folder on your Kindle’s storage
  • Next, go to the ‘Page Display>Font & Page Settings’ option and a window will popup
  • Select the ‘Custom’ option from under the ‘Font’ tab in this window
  • Now, you can select the new custom font you have just transferred from your PC to use as the current font on your Kindle eReader

#24 Use the X-Ray Tool in Kindle eReader

The X-Ray reference tool in Kindle eReaders is a great feature to pull out information related to a character or a term. To use the X-Ray feature, tap on the top of the screen to bring out the toolbar menu. Then tap on the X-Ray button from there to use this function.

#25 How to Change the Font Size in Kindle E-reader?

kindle ereader tips and tricks

Here’s how to change the size of the font on your Kindle eReader…

  • While reading a book, tap on the top of the screen to bring out the toolbar
  • Next, tap on the ‘Aa’ button from the options
  • A new popup window will appear on the screen with all the font settings and customizations
  • Here you can change the font, line spacing, margins, and even the font size as well
  • Alternatively, you can also pinch in and out on the screen to change the font size

Sum Up 25 Kindle eReader Tips And Tricks

If you are still with us then you know how to make the most of your Kindle eReader. In this post, we have tried to share a mix of some popular yet lesser-known tips and tricks about Amazon Kindle eReaders. Thus, we hope these tips will come in handy while you are using this popular device.

There are a few models of Kindle eReaders available. So, not all of these tips might not work on all the models. Still, we hope this post will help you in some way. If you have found the post useful, don’t forget to share it. And, before you go, you can read our post on facts about Black Holes.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment below!

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