About Tech25

Tech25 was born with the idea of delivering tech news and information in a fun way that people will love to read and learn.

We publish list type articles about your favorite Silicone Valley companies and the biggest and most well known entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates and also simple guides for everyday issues with your devices.

Our aim is to deliver the best tech news in a fun creative way to the everyday person.

Tech 25

Tech 25 is a tech blog that was started as a listicle blog publishing list type articles with facts about your favorite companies and entrepreneurs, with time, as popularity grew, we decided to expand our articles to include how to guides to help our readers with every day issues they face with technology. from:

  • How to change the camera settings on iPhone
  • What is the blue checkmark on Instagram
  • How to burn a cd with macbook pro

And many other topics that our readers found interesting or needed to know the answers too.

Our goal has always been to create the best possible content we can within our niche of technology guides. From the big support we got from our readers in the form of huge time spent on site, plus massive people visiting the site on a monthly basis, we understood there is a need for our type of content.

About the team

Tech 25 is a small blog with a team of currently 4 dedicated writers. Each one of our team members is a tech geek and a pro writer in its own rights. From Apple geeks that know pretty much anything there is to know about apple products to ex developers that literally know how to build sites and apps from scratch.

Out tech savvy team not only writes about tech, they live it. If you want to read more details about our staff, please visit the team page.

About Alony Media

Tech 25 is part of the Alony Media portfolio of websites. Alony Media offers 15+ years of publishing experience and currently more than 20 brands that reach 3+ million people every month with valuable, useful content.

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We are so glad you decided to visit out blog, and we hope you gain value from our articles.

If you run into any issues and need to contact us at any way, please visit the contact us page and send us an email.

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