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Welcome to Tech 25. This site is for tech fans, novice or savvy who are looking for quick guides on how to do stuff with your latest tech gadgets like iPhones, Smartphones in general and even social media. We hope you find our guides helpful and entertaining and we help solve your issues or teach you something new. You can start browsing our guides based on categories below.

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Technology Facts

Learn interesting facts about the Galaxy, Science and tech in general. From black holes to WiFi to even facts about Cyber Monday. We got them all.

Social Media

Tips and tricks about social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tiktok and more. Learn to be a social media pro with our guides.


Learn interesting facts about your favorite tech companies or entrepreneurs. From Elon Musk and Twitter to Larry Ellison and Oracle.

Tips and Tricks

Discover interesting tips about your favorite tech gadgets or services. Need to know how to create a table from an Excel sheet? This is your category right here.