How Many Books Will a Kindle Hold?

You must have heard that you can carry a library on your Kindle eBook reader. But how many books will a Kindle hold actually?

Amazon has some of the most popular E-readers, namely Amazon Kindle. In the Amazon Kindle series, there are a few different models available. Among them, some of the popular ones are the Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis, and more. Now, these Kindle eBook readers come with different technical specifications. For instance, some Kindles have a 6-inch or 7-inch display.

Similarly, some Kindle’s come with 8 GB when it comes to storage space, while others come with 32 GB of storage space. In this scenario, you might want to know how many eBooks these Kindle can hold up in total. And it is a fair question. And we will try to share the answer to this question in this post.

So, if you are ready, then let’s dive right in…

How Many Books Will A Kindle Hold

In short, we can say that whether you are getting an 8GB or 32GB one, your Kindle should be able to hold more than a couple of thousand books. However, if you want to know the exact number, we have to dig deeper. Why?

Because there are a lot of factors to consider when counting this number, so it is a bit hard to share the correct estimation. Because of that, we will talk about some of the most important factors to consider while counting the estimated number of e-books a Kindle can hold in the next section of this post. So that you can find the answer to your question yourself.

How Many Books Will A Kindle Hold – Factors to Consider

As we have just mentioned, finding the exact number of books a Kindle can hold depends on many factors. Let’s talk about them here.

#1 The Storage Space on Your Kindle

First of all, you should know how much storage space is there on your particular Kindle.

For example, let’s say you have a Kindle with 8GB storage space. In that case, almost 2GB of storage space will be occupied by system files and the operating system. That means about 6.23 GB of storage space will be left for your books.

Similarly, on a 32 GB Kindle, about 27 GB of storage space will be available for your books as the rest of the space is for system files. So first, you should know about the actual free storage space of your Kindle. Then we can calculate the number of books it can hold.

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#2 The Size of Books (eBooks)

Next, you need to know the size of the books you will be reading on your Kindle. Interestingly, most eBooks tend to be very small in size. For instance, a 150-page book would be about 1.8 MB to 2 MB.

Whereas a 1000 page book would be between 5 MB to 10 MB. Of course, depending on the format and compression process, the size will vary a bit. Still, you could say on average, the size of Kindle books would fall between 2 MB to 5 MB.

Now, these are two of the most important parameter you should be concerned with. Then you can calculate the number of books a Kindle can hold. So now, let’s do that.

How Many Books Will A 32 GB Kindle Hold?

Let’s say you have a Kindle eReader with 32 GB storage space. As we have mentioned above, this eReader will have 27 GB of free storage space. And, if we convert 27 GB to MB, then we are getting 27,000 MB (as 1 GB = 1,000 MB). So, if the average size of the books you will read is 2 MB each, then you can store about (27,000/2) = 13,500 books. Similarly, if the average size of the books you will read is 5 MB each, then your Kindle can hold up to 5,400 books.

You might think that these are not that high numbers. Here’s some food for thought- if you read 1 book each day, you will need about 37 years to read 13,500 books. Conversely, if you can read 1 book per day, you will need about 14.7 years to finish 5400 books. Insane.

How Many Books Will An 8 GB Kindle Hold?

Now that you know the number of estimated books a Kindle of 32 GB storage can hold. It is time to know the amount for an 8GB Kindle. We have also told that in an 8 GB Kindle, the actual storage space for books would be 6.23 GB. For calculation, let’s make it 6 GB or 6000 MB.

How Many Books Will a Kindle Hold?

So, if the average size of the books you will read on your Kindle is 2 MB, then you can store about (6000/2) = 3000 books. Similarly, if the books would be 5 MB each, then your Kindle would be able to hold up to 1200 books.

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For your information, if you read 1 book per day, it would take more than 8 years to complete 3000 books. And, for 1200 books, it would take more than 3 years to complete (1 book per day).

Using this calculation process, we believe you should be able to figure out the number of books your Kindle can hold. And, we can say that, even if you get the 8 GB version, you are getting enough storage space for storing eBooks on your Kindle. Additionally, you can delete a book after reading it anytime to free up some space. But we don’t see the need for that as there is ample space for thousands of books.

How Many Audio Books Will A Kindle Hold?

Nowadays, the popularity of audiobooks has increased. Also, it is possible to listen to audiobooks using your Kindle. So how many audiobooks can a Kindle hold? The answer would again be similar to the above discussion.

If you know the average size of those audiobooks, you will figure that out yourself. Normally, on average, an audiobook would be 10 hours. And, if you want to listen to the high-quality version, then each hour would take about 30 MB.

In that sense, an audiobook of 10 hours would be about 300 MB. So, a 32 GB Kindle with 27 GB of free space would be able to hold up to 90 audiobooks (27,000/300=90). On the other hand, an 8 GB Kindle with 6 GB of free space would store about 20 audiobooks (6,000/300 = 20).

How Many Graphic Novels, or Manga, or Comic Books Will A Kindle Hold?

As usual, if you have got the size of the file, you will be able to calculate this question. Usually, graphic novels are released in PDF format.

How Many Books Will a Kindle Hold?

And, most of these mangas or comic books tend to be larger in size than normal eBooks. So, you can guess that a Kindle would be able to hold fewer comic books or mangas compared to regular eBooks.

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Closing Thoughts

If you love to read books, then you will also love an Amazon Kindle. There are several versions of the Kindle available out there. Depending on their features and quality, they differ in prices as well. Similarly, they also vary in terms of storage space as well.

As a result, many people want to know how many eBooks their Kindle will be able to hold. And, if you have read the post above, you should already know that it depends on a lot of things. Still, we hope we were able to provide some idea on this topic.

So depending on the size of the books, you should be able to guess the number of books a Kindle can hold. Also, one of the great things about the eBook reader is that you don’t need to download all of the books simultaneously. Also, you can access those books from the cloud. So, you should not be really worried about the storage space available on your Kindle.

You should read our post on ‘25 Kindle eReader Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Reading Experience as you are a Kindle user. We bet you will get to know a lot of lesser-known tips and tricks about the Kindle. As always, if you have loved this post, don’t hesitate to share this with others. And if you have any questions or opinions, you can drop them in the comments below.

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