How To Connect PS3 Controller Without USB. Easy to Follow Guide

Many gamers want to know how to connect PS3 controller without USB. PlayStation 3 or PS3 is one of the best-selling consoles in the world from Sony.

If you want to know the answer to this prevalent question, you are in the right place. Because we are going to share all the ins and outs of the PS3 controller with you in this post.

So, let’s dive right in…

How To Connect PS3 Controller Without USB

How Many Ways You Can Connect Your PS3 Controller?

PlayStation 3 came out with a lot of new features when it launched back in the day. Right now, those features might not intrigue you. However, that time, this was a hit.

Now, we are on the verge of PlayStation 5. And, Sony has come a long way since then. You should already know that the controller of PlayStation 3 is also known as DualShock 3 or DS3.

How To Connect PS3 Controller Without USB

Interestingly, there are two ways to connect your PlayStation 3 controller with your console. Yes, you can connect the DS3 controller with your PS3 console via a cable or even without one. It features Bluetooth connectivity by default.

So, if the host device comes with Bluetooth, it can be easily connected to the other device.

As always, you can also connect the controller with your host device or the console using the USB cable in the most conventional way. Thus, we can tell that the DualShock 3 controller is both a wired and a wireless controller.

Is it Possible to Connect PS3 Controller without USB Cable?

The answer to this question is – Yes and No. First of all, as the controller supports Bluetooth connectivity, it is possible to connect the PS3 controller without a USB cable or wirelessly.

Then again, the controller also comes with a USB cable with which you can connect it to the console. In this way, you can also charge the controller for when you are going to use it wirelessly.

How To Connect PS3 Controller Without USB

Now, the problem arises when you are using the PS3 controller for the first time. Even though this is a Bluetooth enabled device, Sony has made pairing the controller a bit complicated.

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Typically, any Bluetooth enabled devices can be connected to any other Bluetooth devices wirelessly.

But in the case of the PS3 controller, you will have to plug in the controller to the console or a PC to pair wirelessly for the first time paring. It is known as syncing the controller to the other device.

So, want it or not, you must connect the PS3 controller using a USB cable to pair it wirelessly for the first time.

Now, what if you don’t have the supplied USB cable with your PS3 controller? Fortunately, you can use any general USB cable with your PS3 controller.

You don’t have to use the USB cable that came with the PS3 controller by default. So, if you have lost the USB cable and need to pair it up with a new console or charge the controller, then you can use any normal USB cable.

How to Connect PS3 Controller without USB Cable?

As we have mentioned above that the PS3 controller is both a wireless and a wired controller. So, you can connect your PlayStation 3 controller to your PS3 console without a USB cable.

But, you have to remember that if it is the first time connecting your PS3 controller to the console wirelessly, you will need the USB cable regardless.

How To Connect PS3 Controller Without USB

But if you have already synced or paired your DualShock 3 controller with the console, you will be able to connect the controller wirelessly without the need for the USB cable. Here’s how to do that…

  • Turn on your PlayStation 3 console
  • Then turn on the PS3 controller by holding the PS or PlayStation button on the controller. Make sure, the controller has enough charge
  • In doing so, the 4 LED indicator light will start to blink. That means the DS3 controller is searching for nearby Bluetooth enabled host devices
  • Once it finds the PlayStation 3 console, it automatically gets paired up and connected with the console. After that, the blinking light will stop to blink and will stay on
  • That means the PS3 controller is now connected to the PlayStation 3 wirelessly

Once you have paired your PS3 and the DS3 controller for the first time, you will be able to use it wirelessly from the next time without any issue.

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Simply, turn on both the console and the controller and wait for a bit until they connect automatically. And that’ how you connect your PS3 controller without a USB cable.

How to Reset PS3 Controller?

There are reports that the PS3 controller sometimes starts to malfunction or loses connection from time to time. In that case, you can try resetting the PS3 controller.

For your information, there is a reset button in your PlayStation 3 controller.

This is located under the controller near the L2 button. So, locate the reset button and press it with a thin object like a pin or toothpick. In doing so, the PS3 controller will be reset. Then you will have to pair the controller with your console once again.

Warning: Before you reset your PS3 controller, you should know that you will need to pair it with your console again to use it wirelessly. So, you will need the USB cable again

Can You Connect PS3 Controller to PC?

Fortunately, you can use your DualShock 3 controller with your Windows PC. However, for that, you should disconnect the controller with the PS3 in the first place. Better yet, turn off the PS3 while you are using the PS3 controller with your PC.

How To Connect PS3 Controller Without USB

However, you will need a Bluetooth enabled PC. Most laptops come with built-in Bluetooth connectivity. However, if your PC doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can use a Bluetooth dongle with your PC. Also, your Windows should have all these required software and drivers installed:

  1. Microsoft .NET Framework
  2. Visual C++
  3. DirectX Web Installer
  4. A PS3 controller driver
  5. SCP Driver Package
  6. SCP Toolkit

For more information, you can search the web for instructions on how to connect your DS3 controller with your Windows PC both wirelessly and using a USB cable. But the thing is that you can use your PS3 controller with a PC.

Closing Thoughts

Chances you are using the PS3 controller wirelessly with your console. Yet, you will need the USB cable to charge it or to sync it with any other console or devices for the first time.

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In this post, we have tried to show you how to connect your PS3 controller without USB cable. In the process, we have explained more than a few methods.

It is not that hard to connect the PS3 controller without the USB cable to your PS3. But, for the first time use, you must need the USB cable. And, lucky for you, any generic USB cable will also do.

So, even if you have lost the supplied cable, you have the chance of using your PS3 controller wirelessly with any new devices.

As usual, if you happen to have any questions or queries, you can share your thoughts in the comments below. And, if you are curious about Sony, you can give a read to our informative post on facts about Sony.

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