How To Make Calls When Your Phone Is Suspended

One of the main reasons for using mobile phones is to call others. However, due to various reasons, your phone connection might get suspended. In this situation, you will not be able to make phone calls anymore.

So is there any alternative to contact others when your phone is suspended? For your convenience, we will be sharing some effective yet legal ways you can follow to make calls when your phone is suspended

Quick Solutions:

  • Use Wifi to make calls without your carrier line
  • Try using a different SIM Card to check if it’s really your SIM with the issue
  • Contact your Carrier to find out the reason of suspension

How to Make Calls with Suspended Cell Service

Before we get into why your phone connection could be suspended. Here are a few workarounds if you still want to make phone calls to others with a suspended line.

1. Use 3rd Party Apps to Call

The easiest and most obvious one. In order to be able to follow this method, you will need to have a working internet connection on your phone. Wifi connection should work just fine.

If you have a working internet connection on your phone, you can use 3rd party communication apps to make calls to others. However, there’s a catch here.

First of all, the other person you are going to call also must have the same communication app and an active internet connection. Also, you would have to know their phone number or username on that particular app.

If you have this information, you can use any 3rd party communication app that offers the ‘Call’ functionality. You can use any of your favorite apps:


From the title, you can see that we are going to talk about another Meta product. And we assume that you are already using or at least familiar with this app. WhatsApp has 2.7 billion active users worldwide.

But unlike Messenger, you can call someone using this app even if you are not their friend in-app. You will need to use your phone number to open an account on WhatsApp. And whoever has your phone number and uses WhatsApp can make a call to you from anywhere in the world.


The first app on our list is Messenger. You must be familiar with this already. Because at the time of writing this, the app has 1.3 billion active users worldwide.

There are many useful features on Messenger. Yes, you can call others using this app. But both of you will have to be friends on Facebook. If you are friends of each other on Facebook, then you will find their contact on the app. From there you will be able to call them.


The second 3rd party communication on our list is the popular Telegram. This is another free-to-use app. At the moment of writing this post, this app has over 700 million active users.

For calling others using this app, you will not have to be friends at first. Because it is mainly an instant messaging app. You can open your account here using your phone number. And the people that use this app on your contact will be available automatically to contact from here.

So if you want to call someone via Telegram, then you will need to add them to your contact list. Next, you will find them inside the app to call. So from there, you can chat with them. In addition, you can call/video call them whenever you want to.


A little old school but this app doesn’t need any introduction. This has been one of the oldest and most popular instant messaging apps out there. It currently has around 300 million active users.

One of the best features of Skype is that you can call any number all around the world. But in some cases, you will have to get their premium subscription for that.

However, if you are calling someone that also has Skype, then you will not have to pay anything. You can contact them for free.

2. Use another SIM Card

If your phone connection is suspended, that means your SIM card is not active. So you cannot call others using that SIM card. In some particular cases, you might not even be able to receive calls from others if your phone is suspended.

You can tackle this issue by getting another SIM card. If you see that the other SIM is working but your previous one is not. Then you can be sure that your phone connection is suspended. In that case, you can get a new SIM card.

3. Try to Re-activate Your Connection

First of all, you will need to contact the customer support team of the SIM Company you are using. If you think that they have mistakenly suspended your line, you should let them know. They will restore your phone number.

If you have found out that your connection is suspended, then you can try to reactivate it. In that case, you can call your SIM Company’s helpline. Then you should let them know about the situation.

Or if you cannot call the help center because your phone is suspended, you can directly go to the customer care center. Alternatively, you can use someone else’s phone to contact customer care.

There could be different reasons why your phone connection has been disabled. The help center will let you know the real cause. Then you can solve the problem yourself and start to make calls normally.

Most common reasons your mobile phone line will get suspended

Some of the most common reasons mobile carrier companies suspend lines are as follows:

Reason Solution
Not paying your phone billObviously, if you don’t pay your bill, your line will be disconnected, just pay it.
Reported lost If you or someone else reported the line as stolen or lost the carrier can suspend it, in this case you will need to contact them and get it enabled again.
Fraud If your line was being used by you or others to conduct in fraud or too many spam calls, and there were complaints or worse, law suits, the carrier might decide to suspend the line.
Optional Suspension Some times you can ask your carrier to suspend your line temporarily and thus save some money, but you have to remember to enable it again if you want to continue using it.


Now that you know how you can call others while your connection is suspended, let’s learn more about this topic. In this section, we will be answering some common questions regarding this.

Can I use Wi-Fi calling if my service is suspended?

Yes. If your phone service is suspended, you will still be able to connect to any Wi-Fi connection. That way you will be able to browse the web without a mobile data connection.

And you can also make calls to others using the Wi-Fi connection and 3rd party communication app even if your phone service is suspended.

Can I receive calls if my phone is disconnected?

If your phone service is disconnected, you will not be able to make or receive calls from others.

Can you still receive texts if your phone is suspended?

No, text messages that are sent to a suspended line are discarded

Can You Restore a Suspended Line?

Yes. You can reactivate a suspended line. It is very easy to do so. However, you must know the reason why your phone line was suspended in the first place. For instance, you might have not paid the bill for a few months, and they have suspended your connection.

In such situations, you should solve that by paying the bill first. Or if you don’t know why your connection is suspended, you should contact the customer support team of your carrier.

Wrap Up

A suspended line is such an annoying thing to deal with, regardless of the reasons.

That is why we have written this post. We have tried to offer some solutions to this particular problem. If you have some additional tips on this topic, you can share them in the comments below.

And you can also read our post on how to check if your SIM Card is damaged if you have some spare time.