How to Send PDF via Text Message? A Few Methods

Many of you might know that PDF stands for ‘Portable Document Format’. But do you know how to send PDF via text message?

PDF files are an excellent way to present and share documents. So, you might have already shared or transferred PDF files to another person.

Usually, you would email them the PDF file. But what if you need to send them the PDF file in a text message? Is it possible to send PDF files via text message?

For your information, technically, it is possible to send PDF files via text messages. However, there are a few caveats. Don’t worry; we will talk about all those. On top of that, we will share multiple ways to send a PDF file in a text message.

So, let’s cut to the chase…

Tutorial on How to Send PDF via Text Message

In this section, we will share 4 different methods of sharing PDF files via text message. However, remember that some of these methods might not work for you, depending on the phone model and the service provider.

Still, it would be best if you gave each of them a try. Even if you are unsuccessful in following these methods, we believe method #4 will work out for you as a workaround. So, here we go…

Method #1 Send an MMS

MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service was designed for sending multimedia content via the text message app on your phone. Usually, you will be sending only texts via the text messaging app.

However, if you want to send a picture, or an audio file, or even a PDF file, you can actually take advantage of this service.

How To Send A PDF File In A Text Message

Typically, if your service provider allows MMS, only then you can send PDF files using MMS. Also, you will have to understand that the receiver of your message should also have MMS service enabled on their phone.

Moreover, MMS requires active data/internet connectivity to work. So they must have their data connectivity enabled as well. Now, based on the model of your phone, the method of sending an MMS could slightly vary.

We will cover the basic method of sending an MMS below so that you can figure out the method for your particular phone. So, here we go…

Steps to Follow

  • Open the text messaging app on your phone.
  • Now, tap on the ‘Compose’ button to start composing a new text message.
  • On the next page, you should see a blank page for writing the message and the recipient’s phone number.
  • So, type in the phone number of the recipient in the appropriate box.
  • Next, as you will be sending an MMS, you don’t have to type anything in the Text field.
  • However, you have to tap on the ‘Paperclip’ icon as it is the button with which you will be able to attach multimedia files to your message.
  • In doing so, you will find a list of various files your smartphone has. From that, select the ‘Documents’/ ‘Files’ option.
  • After that, find the particular PDF file you want to send and select it.
  • Now, you will find that the PDF file has loaded on the message box.
  • Finally, tap on the Send button to send the PDF file.

Remember, many phones don’t support sending PDF files on MMS. So, you might not find the option of ‘Documents’ or ‘Files’ on your phone.

Also, if the PDF file size is huge, you might not be able to send it either. It totally depends on the service provider and your phone model.

Alternative Method – Send an MMS

Above, we have told you that you might not be able to send a PDF file based on your phone and service provider.

Because some mobile phones will not see a PDF file as a multimedia file thus, it will not show up when you are searching for the file to send via MMS. However, in this case, a workaround is to convert the file.

But we are not talking about fully converting the file format. Rather we are talking about changing the extension of the file. How do you do it? You can change the extension of the file by renaming the file.

How To Send A PDF File In A Text Message

Now, as you know, PDF files will have the extension .pdf after the file’s name. But we will rename it to .jpg. It is because your phone will see a file’s name ending with .jpg as a multimedia file. If the PDF file’s name were ‘A File.pdf’, we would rename it to ‘A File.jpg’.

When you are renaming the file, you might see a warning saying that the file might become unusable as you are changing the extension. Simply, tap on ‘OK’/‘Yes’ to close the warning message.

After you have renamed the file, press and hold on to the file to bring out the menu options. Now, from those options, tap on the ‘Share’ option. As a result, now you will find a list of all the apps you can use to share the file.

Now, find and tap on the ‘Messaging’/‘Messages’ app (the default app for sending and receiving text messages on your phone) from the list. If the file size is supported by your phone, then you will see that the file was added to the message.

Now, you can add the phone number of the recipient and send the message. After the recipient receives the MMS on their phone, they will have to download it. But as it is a JPG file, they will not be able to open it via a PDF viewer.

So, you will have to tell them to rename the file extension. They should change the file name from ‘A File.jpg’ to ‘A File.pdf’ this time. After they have saved the file as a PDF file, they will open the file using a PDF reader as usual.

Once again, we have to tell you depending on the phone, service provider, and file size, this process might not work for you. Still, you can try this method. Because many users have reported that they could send a PDF file via text message using this method.

How to text a PDF file on iPhone

First of all, we have to tell you that it is not technically possible to send a PDF file via text messages. However, there are various workarounds to this problem. The number one workaround is to send an MMS instead of an SMS.

And, you would also have to change the file extension to a file extension name that is supported by MMS. That means you will have to use JPG or JPEG file extension in this case.

After that, you would usually follow the normal steps to send an MMS. In this case, you will send that PDF file via MMS from your iPhone. We have already explained the full method step by step above. So you should follow those instructions.

How to text a PDF file on Android

Similar to iPhone, you cannot technically send PDF files via text on android as well. However, you can also follow the same workaround we have shared with you. Yes, you can try to use the MMS feature to send PDF files via the text messaging app on your android phone.

As you know we have already talked about the method above in a detailed manner, we are not going to covert it once again. Simply, you need to follow the instructions properly and see if that works.

However, if you have the latest ‘Messages’ app on your phone from Google, then you can directly send PDF files via MMS without changing the extension name. But you should keep in mind that you cannot send a PDF file that is larger than 307 KB.

So if your PDF file is smaller than 307 KB you can follow the steps below to send it using the Messages app on your Andoird phone.

Steps to follow

  • First of all, open the Messages app on your android phone
  • Next, you will have to go to the conversation to whom you want to send the file
  • Also, you can use the Start chat option to select a contact or number of the receiver
  • Next, you have to tap on the + button from the bottom left corner of the screen
  • Then you have to tap on the Files icon
  • At this point, you will see a list of all the files that are on your phone. So, you need to browse and select the PDF file you want to send
  • After the PDF file is selected, you need to tap on the Send icon and your MMS will be delivered to the receiver

Common Reasons Sending a PDF via SMS doesn’t Work and What to Do

If you have tried to send PDF files using text messages, you already might know that it is not always possible. But why is that? There are a few reasons behind this.

First of all, a PDF file is a file. It is not ‘texts’ you type on your phone while you send a message. And you can only send text inputs using the text messaging app on your phone. So, as PDF is a file, you cannot usually send that via SMS.

Also, a PDF file is a different type of file compared to a photo or image. For example, a photo might have a JPG, or JPEG, or PNG extension to the file name. On the other hand, a PDF file comes with the ‘.pdf’ extension.

So you cannot send the PDF file via text messaging app or MMS without changing the file extension in most cases. Also, there is a limit on how large of a file you can send via MMS. You cannot send a file larger than 307 KB via MMS.

So if the size of the PDF is more than 307 KB, you cannot send it using MMS. So the size of the file is also another reason that you cannot send large PDF files via text.

However, there are a number of workarounds you can follow to send PDF files via text messaging apps. And we have talked about all the methods you can try to send PDF files via text messaging apps in this post. So keep reading until you have found the method that suits you the most.

On the other hand, if the texts of the PDF is needed to be sent via messages, then you can follow this. You can copy all the texts from the PDF file. Then you can paste the texts on your messaging app and send the text via a simple text message to the receiver.

Method #2 Use pdfFiller Website

There are a wide variety of PDF file realist apps out there. Among them, one particular app has some interesting features that many other popular apps lack.

And, we are talking about the pdfFiller app. You can use this app from your smartphone as well as their official website.

Send PDF via Text

This app allows you to send PDF files via SMS. However, it is a paid app and service. But they have a trial service for the app as well. And, you can take advantage of that. Now, let’s learn how to send PDF via text message using the pdfFiller website.

First, you will have to sign up for a new account on their website. Then log in to your new account. After that, you will have to enable the SMS transfer option first. Here’s how to do it…

Steps to Follow

  • Go to the ‘My Account’ option.
  • Then click on the ‘Account Information’ option.
  • After that, you have to scroll down and select the ‘Send with Email/SMS’ option under the ‘Document Sending Preferences’ section.
  •  Finally, click on the ‘Save’ button to save the new settings.

Now you have enabled the Email/SMS option on the pdfFiller website. So, we can proceed to share the method of sharing PDF files from pdfFiller via SMS. So, let’s get it…

Steps to Follow

  • First of all, open the PDF file using the pdfFiller website.
  • Then you will be taken to a new page, ‘What Would You Like to do?’ Now, you have to click on the ‘Email/SMS’ option from there.
  • Or you can usually select the PDF file from the MyForms page and then click on ‘Email/SMS’ from the right sidebar.
  • On the next page, click on the ‘Use SMS’ option from the screen’s right side.
  • At this point, you will be able to enter the recipient’s phone number on the ‘To:’ box.
  • On the bottom, you can deselect or select which pages you want to send or not.
  • After you have customized it, you can click on the ‘Send SMS’ option from the screen’s top right corner.
  • In doing so, you will see a popup window appearing on the screen saying ‘Processing…’ with a loading bar.
  • Now, the recipient will receive a text message on their phone with a link and a PIN to download this file.

So, they will be able to download the PDF file on their phone from that link on the text message they have just received.

Method #3 Send Them a Link

If you could not use either of the methods mentioned above, you can try this one. In this method, we will tell you to upload the PDF file somewhere on the web. And then send the recipient the download link of the file via text message.

Send PDF via Text

That way, they will be able to download the file by clicking on the link you have shared via the text message. To upload the PDF file, you can use services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc.

Method #4 Via WhatsApp

Nowadays, people are using various instant messaging apps instead of the old text messaging app. Among them, one of the most popular such apps is WhatsApp.

If you are using WhatsApp then, you can easily send a PDF file via the app faster than ever. And, it will work almost identical to sending a text message on WhatsApp. Here’s how to do it…

Steps to Follow

  • Launch WhatsApp on your phone if you haven’t already.
  • Then find the contact of the person you want to send the PDF file and tap on it.
  • Next, tap on the ‘Paperclip’ icon from the bottom right corner of the screen. It will be next to the text field.
  • Now, a few options will appear on the screen. From them, you will have to tap on the ‘Document’ option.
  • In doing so, all of the documents available on your phone will appear on the next page.
  • So, locate the PDF file you want to send and tap on it.
  • Right now, a popup will appear on the screen. Tap on the ‘Send’ button, and the PDF file will be sent to the other person on their WhatsApp account.

So they will be able to download the PDF file on their phone from the WhatsApp message you have just sent them.

Sum Up on How To Send A PDF File In A Text Message

A PDF file can contain lots of important information. So, by sending a PDF file to others, you can transfer various types of documents in a minute. There are many ways you can send a PDF to others.

However, if your only option is to send them via a text message, then we have shown you 4 different methods on this topic. We have tried to make the tutorials as simple as possible.

We hope you will be to follow those step by step. And, after trying these methods above, do let us know which method you prefer the most. Also, if you know any other tips, you can share them with us.

Do you want to know how long you have had your phone? Then you can read our post on this topic here. Before you go, don’t forget to share this post with others. And, if you have any questions or suggestions, you can leave them in the comments below!

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