How To Tag Someone On TikTok? Several Methods and Tips

In this article we will review how to tag someone on TikTok, how to block a user as well, and many other tips and tricks related to the popular app. If you want to become a power user, please read on.

Tik Tok is an application that was born in China, it started in September 2016, and its original name was Douyin, but it was changed to Tik Tok thinking about launching it around the world.  

It’s so formidable that several apps tried to copy its concept about short videos without success. Our lives have so deep that there is an adjective to name people who use it frequently; they are “Tik Tokers”. But even though the app is quite popular, some still don’t know how to tag someone on TikTok.

It has 1 billion monthly active users, which tells us that it is one of the most popular social media due to its flexibility and options. For example, you can share your opinions, talents, interests, and business, or maybe use it like a virtual short-video album where you keep important moments of your life. 

The app has been downloaded more than 130 million times in the United States and has reached 2 billion downloads worldwide. There are a lot of celebrities, celebrity shows, tv programs, etc., that use it to promote their products, services, among others.

It is said that some of the Tik Tok trend videos are paid because it has songs that then become hits. And if we think about it, it’s pretty clever because there are many people promoting a song for free only because of a trend that makes them feel identified.

In COVID 19 Pandemic situation, a considerable number of people joined Tik Tok as a fun way to spend isolation time. We were able to learn how to make bread, yogurt, etc., and to know about different opinions about the pandemic. There were many people doing jokes about it as a way to dedramatize all we were going through.

All this situation and our need to connect with each other (is a natural need, we are social beings) were embraced by Tik Tok because it enables us to have fun and share it with our friends, and to tag someone is a way to do it.

Tagging allows a user to identify someone else in a post, photo, tweet, or status update. This tag takes the form of a clickable name or username that will notify a person that you have referred to them in a post or photo

You can think about several reasons why you’d want to tag someone on a video, if you upload a Tik Tok with a friend,  want to share something with them, if you want to give them the due credit, or even if you did a dance challenge and you want to have the chance for your idol to watch it, the best option is tagging, mentioning them in hopes they would reply your comment. It’s the best option even if you want to reply to someone’s comment because if you tag them, they’ll be notified.

Keep reading, and you’ll learn several ways to tag users and share your interests with your friends!

How to upload a video on TikTok

This will be useful for you, whether you have an iPhone or a device with an Android operative system. The first step before tagging someone on a video of your own is recording or uploading it, using the + symbol on Tik Tok, you’ll see it below.

How To Tag Someone On TikTok

Then you can record your video by pressing the big red button or you can upload one from your gallery with the option “upload”.

Keep in mind that you can change video settings like speed, length (it can last up to 3 minutes), you can add filters (to look funnier or prettier), a timer to have time to set you ready, reply to comments, and choose if you want to record with your frontal or back camera.

You can also select the “templates” option to create a pre-created video or get fabulous ideas. As you can see, you will create unique content with these tools.

How To Tag Someone On TikTok

How to tag someone on TikTok – Android and iPhone

What’s a user? A user can be an enterprise, a celebrity, or a friend of yours. So, from now on, if you read “someone” or “user,” it is the same thing. There are several ways to tag someone. Here, we will show you the main ones. 

  1. The first one is the following: once you record or select your video, you can choose the “tag people” option and search and select a user.
  2. The second one consists in mentioning the user with the @ on the description of your video. After writing @ , type the first two letters of the user’s name and select the right one.
How To Tag Someone On TikTok
  1. The third way is useful in case you forgot to tag the person or people you wanted to (that’s right, you can tag more than one user) and you uploaded the video already, so you can go to the three marks below. 

And then swipe right to “edit tagged people.”

How To Tag Someone On TikTok

Once you select your friend or favorite celebrity (for this last option, your video must be set on public), you click on “done” and just like that, it’s done!

  1. Another option is to write @ on your or somebody else’s video and mention the user you want. This is a popular way to tag anybody on different social media like Twitter and Instagram too. 

If you want to share your video on other social media, too, this option shows you a variety of options, and you can share it on Instagram stories, post or reel, message it to a Tik Tok friend in private, or share on Whatsapp status or chat.  

Other things you can do when you select the three marks

  • Save the video on your phone, if you want to have access to it even if you don’t have an internet conexion.
  • Pin the video on your Tik Tok reel, if you want people to see it first on your profile.
  • Duet it, if you want to react to your own video later or add a new part
  • Stitch it, to continue your own video
  • Add to Favorites, so you can find it with your best videos
  • Change Privacy Settings, in public, for friends, etc.
  • Set as wallpaper of your phone
  • Share as GIF, without sound.
  • Delete it, if you regret uploading it

How To Block Someone on TikTok

It’s not all about community, happiness, and sharing. For example, some users would become annoying to you for several reasons because you don’t like their content, they tag you excessively, or because you fought with that specific person (a boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.). So, instead of tagging (that’s like inviting, paying attention to, and sharing with them), you’ll block them so you wouldn’t be able to watch anything about their content, and they wouldn’t be able to watch any of yours.  

  1. Go to the search icon
How To Tag Someone On TikTok
  1. Type the user’s name you want to block and press “search”.
  1. Once you’re in the Tik Tok account you want to, press the three marks on the right.
  1. Select “block” and it’s done! No more annoying or unpleasant content.

Final Lines on How To Tag Someone On TikTok

The impact of social media in our time is undeniable; they enabled us to do unimaginable things less than ten years ago. You can promote your business, your artistic career, or your passions; all it takes is to press a button. We are free to do whatever we want, and the responsibility of our success is in our hands.

But the truth is it’s not all about benefits, there is several fake news all around, and it’s been proven that the over-information can be unhealthy and spend more than 30 minutes a day on social media.

This information about how much time we should spend on social media is related to its tendency to be addictive. Scrolling through social media sparks joy raises dopamine levels, and helps you connect with others. Still, it can also negatively impact your self-image because of the hegemonic standards of beauty we watch on them.

Tik Tok seems to be all the hype with Generation Z and beyond; working and socializing are changing quickly, and social media is an essential tool to face these changes. We don’t need an employer with them, and working remotely is becoming more and more common due to apps like facetime. 

Some people would say sharing your life on social media is cheesy, unnecessary, or desperate. Still, the truth is that nowadays, they are a significant part of our life; we can be connected with friends that live abroad or far from us, create virtual communities, and do something about it. So if we feel lonely or want to get the information, they are beneficial.

Whether it’s to work, have fun, keep up with what’s going on in the world, or be in touch with your family and friends, social media is the answer.

So, do whatever you want! You will have precious memories, and your friends can celebrate with you on happy moments or give you comfort on the difficult ones. So, tag whoever you want and share your passions! 

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