What Does 5K Subscribers Mean on Snapchat

The popularity of Snapchat has been increasing in recent years. It has some unique features compared to its competitors. However, these unique features also make it a bit complex for new users. For instance, many of you don’t know about the ‘5K subscriber’ thing on Snapchat.

If you are one of them that is confused about this, then this post is for you. Here, we will be answering what does 5k subscribers mean on Snapchat and all the relevant questions regarding Snapchat 5K subs counter.

So without wasting more time, let’s get to it…

What does 5K Subscribers Mean On Snapchat

Actually, there is nothing special about the ‘5K subscribers’ on Snapchat. Rather, it is what it is. That means the ‘5K subscriber’ thing indicates that a profile has about 5000 subscribers on Snapchat.

What Does 5K Subscribers Mean on Snapchat

If your Snapchat profile has more than 5K subscribers only then you will be able to get the Snapchat subscriber count. If you have less than 5ooo subs then, you will see the ‘<5k’ on your profile.

Once someone subscribes to your Snapchat account, they will be able to see content shared by you in the subscription tab of their profile.

How to Check Subscriber Count on Snapchat?

There are many ways you can view the subscribers count on your Snapchat profile. However, we will talk about 2 of the best ways you can check your total subscription number.

Manually count the number of subscribers

If your profile is very new and doesn’t have many subscribers, you can follow this method. In this process, you will need to manually count the number of your followers. Of course, it is not an essay task if you have many subscribers.

However, it is the simplest and most effective way out there ‘to count your subscribers on Snapchat. So each time you receive a notification of new subscribers, you should add it to the total.

How to Enable Subscriber Counter on Snapchat?

Or else, you can also enable the subscriber count feature on your Snapchat account. However, you need at least 5000 subscribers to be able to enable that feature. Now, if you have more than 5K subscribers, then you can follow the steps below.

Steps to Follow

  • Launch the Snapchat app on your phone
  • Then you will need to tap on the Bitmoji icon at the upper left corner of the screen
  • Next, you will have the ‘Show Subscriber Count’ option under the ‘Edit Profile’ page. Of course, this option will be available only if you have more than 5000 subscribers on your public Snapchat profile
  • Now, you will be able to see the number of your current subscribers as you have enabled it

If You Have Less Than 5K Subscribers on Snapchat

Now you know that there is no way you can get the subscribers to count feature on Snapchat without having 5K subscribers on your account. So how can you increase the subscribers on your Snapchat account?

What Does 5K Subscribers Mean on Snapchat

If you are in the same boat, then this part of the post is for you. Here we will share a number of tips on how to increase your subscribers on Snapchat.

You can flow them and increase your subscribers to 5,000. Then you will be able to see the subscriber counter on your Snapchat account.

How to Get 5K Subscribers on Snapchat?

There are many easy ways you can follow and get to the milestone of 5000 subscribers. For instance:

Share Your Snapchat Account

The power of social media is enormous. You can share your Snapchat profile on different social media platforms. That way your profile will be seen by many new users. And you might get some new subscribers as well.

Use Snapchat Ads

Snapchat has a paid ad policy. You can promote your profile on Snapchat using that ad system. In order to do that you will need to buy an ad package from Snapchat. And Snapchat will promote your profile to other Snapchat users.

In that way, you might receive some new subscribers. But you can see that this is not a free method. You have to pay for the ads on Snapchat.

Follow Others on Snapchat

If you want to get free subscribers, then you can follow this path. However, this method is not that effective. You can start to subscribe to random Snapchat users. When they will see that you have subscribed to them. They might also subscribe to your profile.

Of course, not everyone will subscribe you back. However, it is a great and easy way to collect new subscribers. On top of that, you can do it for free.

Also, you can send private messages to the users that you have to subscribe to let them know about that fact. In that sense, they might opt for subscribing to your profile as well. Remember to be respectful when you are sending the message.

Collaboration with Other Snapchatters

There are many new Snapchat users that want to collaborate. So you can find them and plan your collaboration. Show them what you can offer and see what they can offer. If both of you have interesting contests, then it is possible that both of you will receive more new subscribers.

Remember, it will be best to collaborate with some already establish Snapchatter. That way you will get the maximum exposure. However, you should also keep in mind that it is a bit hard to find some popular Snapchatters to collaborate with newcomers. So you need to have good content on your profile to convince someone of high caliber to collaborate with you.

Share Engaging Snaps and Snap Stories

Snapchat is a social media platform. And you know that the trick to becoming popular on social media platforms is to create interesting content. So once you have some interesting and trendy content, you can start sharing them. And it would be best if you continued to create more such interesting contents that will make your profile stand out.

Create Viral Content

Last but not least, you can try to create viral content. Even if you can make only one viral content, you might become popular on Snapchat. And you can bet you will be starting to get new subscribers.

Once you have created one viral post, you should aim to create more and more. And if you have done that then you will be able to collect more new subscribers.

If you follow the tips mentioned above, you will have a great time on Snapchat. As you will be seeing that you are getting more and more new subscribers. So we hope you will also reach the 5K subscribers milestone.

Frequently Asked Questions on 5K Subscribers on Snapchat

Does everybody have a Subscriber Count on Snapchat?

No. Everyone on Snapchat doesn’t have a subscriber count feature on Snapchat. Rather, it is only available to users with more than 5000 subscribers to their account. So if you have more than 5K subs on your public Snapchat profile, then you will be able to enable this feature on your profile.

Can You Show Your Subscriber Count on Snapchat?

You cannot normally show your subscriber count on Snapchat. You will need to have more than 5000 subscribers to your Snapchat public profile to enable the subscriber counter.

Do Snapchat Pay Users for Subscribers?

No. Snapchat doesn’t pay the users for their subscribers. However, you can monetize your Snapchat account if you have many subscribers.

However, Snapchat will not help you anyway with that. You will be able to use your Snapchat profile as an outlet for your income.

Final Lines

You can earn subscribers on your public profile on Snapchat. There are many tips you can follow to achieve that. And if you have more than 5K subs on your account, then you will receive the subscriber count option on your account.

Here, we have tried to answer as many questions as possible. If you have read the post above, you should have a very clear idea about all these terms regarding Snapchat now. If you have any more questions or suggestions you can let us know in the comments below!

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