Why Can’t I See Replies On Twitter? Few Reasons and Tips

By replying on Twitter, you can join any conversation. It is one of the easiest ways to share your opinion on Twitter about anybody’s Tweets. But many users have this question – why can’t I see replies on Twitter?

It could be the replies on your own Tweet, or it could be on others’ tweets. So, why can’t you see the replies on Twitter? Interestingly, there could be a couple of reasons behind this issue.

And, we will try to explain all of this one by one. In addition, we will also share some important information regarding the Twitter ‘Reply’ feature in this very post.

So, if you are up for it, then let’s cut to the chase…

Reasons Why You Can’t See Replies on Twitter

Based on your account and the account of the user that replied, there could be several reasons why you can’t see the reply on Twitter.

In this section, we will cover the possible reasons behind this problem. Then we will also share the solutions you can try to fix this issue. So here we go…

Reason #1 Blocked User

You know Twitter has a block function. People block each other for a lot of reasons on social media.

If someone has blocked or you have blocked someone, then either of you cannot see any activities of each other on Twitter.

Why can't I see replies on Twitter? 
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Now, if somebody on your block list replies on a Tweet of any other user, then you will not be able to see that particular reply.

Similarly, if they have blocked you on Twitter and replied to a particular Tweet, you will not be able to see their replies.

Solution to This

There is a solution to this problem. However, it might not be possible for you to act on it.

Because the only solution is to unblock that person if you want to see their replies on Twitter. On the flip side, if they have blocked you, they will have to unblock you.

After that, you will be able to check out their activities on Twitter without any problem.

You know that it is not that simple to unblock someone or even be unblocked by somebody. But there are no other appropriate solutions to this.

Reason #2 Private Account

You can make your account ‘Private’ on Twitter. In that case, all of your activities will be hidden from general users that don’t follow you.

Only your followers will be able to see your activities on Twitter if you have set your account Private.

Why can't I see replies on Twitter? 
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Likewise, if any other person has set their account ‘Private’ on Twitter, if you are not a follower of them, then it is impossible for you to see their activities on Twitter.

In short, if that person has a Private Twitter account and has replied to any of your Tweets or other Tweets, then you will not be able to see their replies.

Solution to This

As you might have already guessed, the only way to see someone’s reply that has a Private account would be to follow them. However, first, you will have to send a request and they will have to accept your request.

Then you will be able to see the replies from them. So, the only solution to see someone’s activity on Twitter if they have a Private account would be to be a follower.

Reason #3 Deleted Replies

Another reason could be that the user who posted the reply has deleted it. In this case, you will not be able to see their replies.

Solution to This

There is no way to recover a deleted reply on Twitter. However, you can ask other users in your circle whether they have seen the reply or not.

Why Can't I See Replies On Twitter

Or else, if you can then ask the user that replied in the frits place to post the same reply again. We know it is not that easy. But what else can you do?

Reason #4 Hidden Reply

First off, we will talk about hidden replies in a detailed manner in the latter part of the article.

So, now, let’s get to the point quickly. If you have hidden a reply, then you will not be able to see if:

  • If you are viewing the reply from the ‘Home’ timeline
  • And if another user has replied to the hidden reply

Simply put, a hidden reply will not be viewable from the Home timeline if somebody has replied to the hidden reply. Yes, anybody can reply to a hidden reply from the hidden reply page.

Solution to This

Of course, the easiest fix to this issue is not to view the hidden reply from the Home timeline. Also, you can unhide the reply anytime you want to make it viewable.

As usual, if anybody has not replied to the hidden reply, it will be visible from the Home timeline.

How to See the Replies on Twitter?

If you are new to Twitter and having a hard time getting used to all the functions of this social media platform, then this section is for you.

Specifically, if you haven’t figured out how to check out other users’ replies on Twitter yet, then we will share the method in this section for you.

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Steps to Follow

  • First of all, log in to your Twitter account if you haven’t already.
  • Then, find the particular Tweet of which you want to see the replies.
  • Next, tap or click on the Tweet. At the bottom of the Tweet, you will find the replies.
  • Also, you can tap on the ‘Reply’ button if you don’t see the replies. You can also reply to the Tweet by tapping or clicking on the ‘Reply’ button.
  • People can also reply to the reptiles of a Tweet. And, you can see those by clicking on each of those replies.
  • However, if there are a lot of replies to a Tweet, then you will not be able to see all of the replies at once
  • Rather, the extra replies will be hidden. It is done to save space for the longer Tweet threads.
  • If you want to see those replies, let’s say 20 replies are hidden, then you will have to scroll down and tap or click on the ‘20 more replies’ button, which will bring out the hidden replies.

How to Hide Replies on Twitter?

Did you know that you could hide replies on your timeline?

However, other users will still be able to access those hidden replies. Plus, they will also be able to reply to the hidden replies.

Also, you can unhide a reply anytime if you are the Tweet author. Once you have hidden a reply, the user that posted the reply will not be notified.

Now, let’s learn how to hide a reply on Twitter...

Steps to Follow

  • Go to your Tweet on which you want to hide a reply.
  • Then find the specific reply you want to hide and tap on the ‘Down Arrow’ icon next to the reply.
  • It will bring out a few options. From those options, you will have to tap on the ‘Hide Reply’ option.
  • Then tap on the ‘Confirm’ button, and the reply will be hidden.
  • You can view the hidden replies by tapping on the ‘hidden reply’ icon, which will be at the main Tweet’s bottom right corner.

As usual, if the reply was from a protected or private account, then it will not be available. Also, if the reply was deleted, then you will not see that reply on the list of hidden replies.

How to Unhide Replies on Twitter?

Now that you know how to hide a reply on Twitter, let’s learn how to do the opposite. Yes, we will learn how to unhide a reply on Twitter that you have just hidden. So, let’s go…

Why Can't I See Replies On Twitter
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Steps to Follow

  • Navigate to the Tweet on which you have hidden the reply.
  • Next, tap or click on the ‘Down Arrow’ icon from the particular reply you want to unhide.
  • Then, click on the ‘Unhide reply’ button from the dropdown menu

That is it! You have successfully unhid the reply on Twitter.

Now, let’s say you have just hidden a reply by another user on Twitter. And then they have blocked or muted you.

At this point, it is not possible for you to unhide their reply anymore. As a matter of fact, you will not be able to see the reply anymore unless they unblock you.

Sum Up

If you are still with us, then you know why you can’t see replies on Twitter. We have laid out all the possible reasons behind this issue.

On top of that, we have also shared the solutions to this issue. You also had the chance to learn about hiding and un-hiding replies on Twitter.

Also, for beginners, we have shared how to view any replies on Twitter.

We hope this post will come in handy in using Twitter the best way possible for you. We have tried to explain the methods in a step-by-step manner so that everybody can understand them without a hitch.

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Don’t hesitate to share this post with other Tweeter users. If you have any suggestions or questions, don’t forget to share them with us in the comments below!

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