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facts about minecraft

Minecraft is one of most popular and most played online game. With increasing number of parents allowing kids to access the internet, the gaming software has been gaining a lot of fans. Basically, Minecraft is an online digital game version of the more primitive toy – Lego. Users (commonly called “players”), does not only access the game just to have fun, but also improve creative skills by building blocks to whatever they can imagine doing.

Who better has to explain the 25 Facts and Trivia about Minecraft, but my 11 years old son who have been playing Minecraft for three years already!

#1 Minecraft was renamed five times before it was officially launched

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Before Minecraft was developed, it was planned to be called as Classic. Then, when prototype was later conceptualized, it was thought that it’s more appropriate to be named as Pre-classic. However, when the development phase started, developers decided it is proper to be called as Cave Game. The name Cave Name lasted for weeks as programmers calls it by this name. Eventually before the launching of the game, it was initially changed to “Minecraft: Order of the Stone”. Later, due to marketing strategy and name recall; it was now famous from its name: Minecraft.

#2 Minecraft is categorized as an educational digital tool

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Parents will definitely not feel guilty to know that Minecraft is considered as an educational online material. So kids, reading this must be very happy to let their parents know that this online game is more than having fun but also learning too. Of course, like any other game, parents’ supervision is important and must have proper time limit when using the app.

Based on the history of development of the game fad, Minecraft’s original name was “Classic” and “Cave Game”, which literally means the start of civilization. Of course, the software’s aim is to allow players to create something out of blocks like making a sub-urban village, amusement park, zoo, forest, outer space, office, malls, or anything / anyplace the user desires to.

#3 Was it a bug or intentional misspelled word?

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There are few Minecraft players notice but when you go to pre-classic game launcher, the window name was not updated by developers before releasing the game. Unfortunately, instead of “Minecraft” as a window header title as most game application, it only displays “Game”.

I guess, this is when the time when developers overlook certain word displays because they are more focused on the logical and game flow codes.

Because Minecraft is a continues improvement of previous computer games, bugs are expected a little bit here and there. There are times, not often though, upon logging into the game, it is misspelled as “Mincecraft” instead of Minecraft.

#4 Minecraft is a better version of former online game RubyDung

Markus Alexej Persson (famous as “Notch”) created Minecraft in hopes to develop a better 3D game than its inspiration versions like Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper, Infiniminer, and RubyDung. He was one of the founders of the popular gaming company, Mojang AB which has released a lot of online games in the past.

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But generally, Minecraft seems to be an extension of the prior game – the RubyDung. Some of the items in Minecraft has same image texture as the RubyDung like the cobblestones and grasses. You would also be surprised that the internal file for Minecraft’s file is named as “RubyDung”. Like system name for internal files in Minecraft’s format is “rd-ddhhmm”. “rd” as literally RubyDung, “dd” as days, “hh” as hours, and “mm” as months.  

So, pretty much, Minecraft was more of an unfinished business or a recycle of the previous game.

#5 Prior games created before Minecraft was leaked

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Because of freeware issues in 2009, Notch has tried to develop a 3D building game to outwit the other unsuccessful games he made.

#6 Characters in Minecraft were first pulled out from Zombie Town as inspirations

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Ever wonder why the Survival mode of Minecraft has zombies in it called creepers? And the game seems to be a collection of all other games in the past? Because Minecraft is a collection of all concept of Notch’s previous developed game. This time, Minecraft received positive response to a lot of online gamer because of the 3D building concept gaming and the ability to have a free form game completion.

#7 One block cube represents one meter

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So, one normal block in Minecraft is equivalent to one meter. There are flowers often stands 2 or more blocks. Therefore, these flowers can stand as high as trees! Expect that everything in Minecraft are not necessary realistically proportionate in real life!

#8 Different roles to play in Minecraft

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There are four different modes users can play around Minecraft. These are the creative mode, adventure mode, spectator mode, and survival mode.  Minecraft Story mode is another one in collaboration with Microsoft. But players will have to play it on a separate application other than Minecraft.

Creative mode is more popular for kids. Players are able to create different things with the blocks. Any concept, or theme can be created on this manner. Adventure mode is a custom game or pre-programmed theme (usually depending on current trend online). Survival mode requires players to survive using provided and limited resources in a stricken environment. And the Spectator mode allows players to check out and visit other servers without interfering with other players’ build and activities.

#9 Creative Minecraft mode defies gravity

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Switching to Minecraft Creative mode, first time players will be surprised that your character are able to reach the top of the building even you are stepping on few missing blocks. There are also times that a character can still walk on walls or walk upside down without falling to the ground. Odd but its funny to think about!

#10 One of the initial name of Minecraft was reused in another game version

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Developers of Minecraft does not really want to waste previous creations, images, terminologies, and game names. After recycling RubyDung’s naming convention and other game environment textures, the older proposed name for Minecraft was reused. Remember the prior name Minecraft: Order of the Stone? It was again used on Microsoft and Mojang’s collaboration game Minecraft: Story Mode as a mythical group adventure.

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#11 Minecraft is a continuing work of art

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One of which where most players observed, and creators have noted about is the breaking of block. The activity of dropping an item to break has not
yet been added. Probably Notch and his team has this one on their list for additional effects feature in the future Minecraft releases.

#12 A lot of Youtuber earns a lot of money by playing Minecraft

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Yes, that’s right! By simply playing Minecraft and uploading the recorded video can gain a lot of views and YouTube channel support from other Minecraft fans. Thus, letting them earn a lot of money.

Another Youtuber Mr. Beasts, famous for giving a way hundreds of thousands of dollars to people he wanted to surprise. There were countless times he would play Minecraft and give away money to random players online!

#13 Wolf’s health depends on how high its tail

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One of the random mob spawned around the Minecraft world, the wolf is a rogue dog that can be tamed with bones. The higher the mob dog’s tail, the better health it has. Otherwise, it will probably die soonest.

#14 Origin of Minecraft Endermen language

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Creating communities and different environment theme in the Minecraft world is entertaining. Especially knowing that creators has also included a Minecraft language. But not to complicate things up, the Endermen language is just an English language spoken backwards.

#15 Ghasts are recorded from real life cats

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Minecraft was originally inspired from Zombie Town game.  Developers have thought of integrating zombie-like and ghosts into the game. Minecraft named these ghosts from Nether (a place from Minecraft) as ghasts. The voice from these ghasts are recordings from real life cats.

#16 Creepers are afraid of ocelots

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Creepers randomly generate usually at night time are exploding mobs when near with Minecraft users. Ocelots are cats that scares away these deadly mobs. That’s a funny way to scare a scary game character.

#17 Cutting tool or shears can only be damaged from selected things

Grass and leaves are not really supposedly hard as sheep’s wool, right? Based on most gamer’s observation, cutting tools can damage if hit with grass and leaves. But when used as shears for sheep’s wool, it will still be as sharp as it previously is.

#18 Leather can be crafted as armor in Minecraft

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Again, Minecraft has again defied laws of logic and physics. Just when you thought because wood is hard, it does not mean it can be formed into a weapon or armor in Minecraft. But leather does.

#19 Part of school curriculum

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Yes, you will be surprised that a school in Sweden has required Minecraft as part of their mandatory topic in one of the school curriculum. Viktor Rydberg Secondary School in Stockholm has incorporated Minecraft in their subject as it is able to develop 13 years old students’ imagination, creativity, planning skills, and be aware of environmental issues; as well.

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Are you considering now to study in Sweden?

#20 Creeper physical personality origin is an accident!

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Although Zombie Town was one of the inspiration of Minecraft, creepers sound and actions are surprisingly just another accidental discovery. The codes for the creeper’s height and crumpled like figures are just lazy trial and error codes of developers that eventually turned out perfectly as Minecraft’s horrendous monster mob.

#21 First version was created for only 6 days!

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No wonder Minecraft’s name was renamed many times before its final release. Notch programmed a virtual 3D world where players can customize and build everything from blocks. He started coding the game and decided to build his company called, “Mojang”.

The conceptualizing and developing phase only lasted for 6 days before the public release of Minecraft! Very diligent and speedy software engineer, right?

However, the first release was not as successful as you can imagine now because of its primitive features. The game was considered as not yet fully complete after another two years of brainstorming and further development.

#22 From Lego, back with Lego

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With the growing popularity of Minecraft, there have been also a demand for collectible items and physical toys. The fact that Minecraft was programed with the same concept as Lego blocks, the company has also produced the first Minecraft LEGO figure and toys, after the Xbox version was released. Kids around the world are ecstatic about it.

#23 Platform for Minecraft development

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Minecraft was developed using Java and few other latest programming software to support the game’s demand for movements and logical coding series. Mojang considered C++ for its Mine Pocket Edition for Android and iOS use.

#24 Minecraft creator did not expect huge success

Minecraft creator, Markus Persson known as “Notch
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Notch expressed in his Twitter post that he never expected for the success of Minecraft. He would just literally switch in developing from one game to another. He loves playing computer games and writing codes that he does it for fun. Eventually meeting he right persons to do all the entrepreneur skills he needed to boost the game’s popularity.

However, Minecraft’s success is credited to positive response from previous players and continually recommends it to others. Word of mouth marketing really works wonders!

A portion of his tweet few years ago says: “Minecraft certainly became a huge hit, and people are telling me it’s changed games. I never meant for it to do either.”

#25 Mircrosoft is earning a lot of money from Minecraft!

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With the acquisition of Microsoft with Mojang, the IT giant is able to profit around $2.5 billion!

In the first year release of Minecraft alone in 2009, it was able to sell over 1,000 copies and was able to accumulate 20,000 players!

Are you an avid Minecraft player? Tell us interesting trivia you know about Minecraft on the comment section below. We love to hear fun facts you know about!

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